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Traditional Chinese Wushu Culture-Shaolin Grand Zen 郑州轻工业大学

Main Teacher:Yang Yingying

Wushu, as a traditional sporting event in China, is a valuable cultural heritage that has accumulated and prospered in the long-term practice of the Chinese people. Whshu highlights internal and external cultivation and it has the common feature of physical exercises of humans in body fitness and has its unique philosophical, scientific, and artistic characterstics of the oriental civilization.  Shaolin Wushu, rooted in China, is a famous school in China. With its unique and diversified forms, Shaolin Wushu forms an integral part of traditional Chinese culture and is renowned worldwide. The generation and development of Wushu, a significant wonder in the world history of religions, was a process of the traditional Chinese culture integrating into the world culture, which reflects the thoughts of "universal solidarity" and "harmony is prized".
College: 郑州轻工业大学
Faculty: 国际合作与交流处
English Name: Traditional Chinese Wushu Culture-Shaolin Grand Zen
Course No: 2023061
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