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While still catching-up to men insome spheres of modern life, women appear to be way ahead in at least oneundesirable category. “Women are particularly susceptible to developingdepression and anxiety disorders in response to stress compared to men,”according to Dr. Yehuda, chief psychiatrist at New York’s Veteran’sAdministration Hospital.

Studies of both animals and humanshave shown that sex hormones somehow affect the stress response, causingfemales under stress to produce more of the trigger chemicals than do malesunder the same conditions. In several of the studies, when stressed-out femalerats had their ovaries (the female reproductive organs) removed, their chemicalresponses became equal to those of the males.

22Adding to a woman’s increased dose ofstress chemicals, are her increased “opportunities” for stress. “It’s notnecessarily that women don’t cope as well. It’s just that they have so muchmore to cope with,” says Dr. Yehuda. “Their capacity for tolerating stress mayeven be greater than men’s,” she observes, “it’s just that they’re dealing withso many more things that they become worn out from it more visibly and sooner.”

Dr. Yehuda notes another differencebetween the sexes. 23“I think that the kinds ofthings that women are exposed to tend to be in more of a chronic or repeatednature. Men go to war and are exposed to combat stress. Men are exposed to moreacts of random physical violence. The kinds of interpersonal violence thatwomen are exposed to tend to be in domestic situations, by, unfortunately,parents or other family members, and they tend not to be one-shot deals. Thewear-and-tear that comes from these longer relationships can be quitedevastating.”

Adeline Alvarez married at 18 andgave birth to a son, but was determined to finish college. “I struggled a lotto get the college degree. I was living in so much frustration that that was myescape, to go to school, and get ahead and do better.” Later, her marriageended and she became a single mother. 24“It’sthe hardest thing to take care of a teenager, have a job, pay the rent, pay thecar payment, and pay the debt. I lived from paycheck to paycheck.”

Not everyone experiences the kinds ofsevere chronic stresses Alvarez describes. But most women today are coping witha lot of obligations, with few breaks, and feeling the strain. Alvarez’sexperience demonstrates the importance of finding ways to diffuse stress beforeit threatens your health and your ability to function.

21.   Which of the following is true according tothe first two paragraphs?

[A] Women are biologically more vulnerable tostress.

[B] Women are still suffering much stress caused by men.

[C] Women are more experienced than men in coping with stress.

[D] Men and women show different inclinations when faced withstress.

22.   Dr. Yehuda’s research suggests that women

[A] need extra doses of chemicals to handle stress.

[B] have limited capacity for tolerating stress.

[C] are more capable of avoiding stress.

[D] are exposed to more stress.

23.   According to Paragraph 4, the stress womenconfront tends to be

[A] domestic and temporary.

[B] irregular and violent.

[C] durable and frequent.

[D] trivial and random.

24.   The sentence “I lived from paycheck topaycheck.” (Line 6, Para. 5) shows that

[A] Alvarez cared about nothing but making money.

[B] Alvarez’s salary barely covered her householdexpenses.

[C] Alvarez got paychecks from different jobs.

[D] Alvarez paid practically everything by check.

25.   Which of the following would be the besttitle for the text?

[A] Strain of Stress: No Way Out?

[B] Responses to Stress: Gender Difference

[C] Stress Analysis: What Chemicals Say

[D] Gender Inequality: Women Under Stress


本题的对应信息在原文的前面两段,这两段主要描写男女因为生理上的差异,所以可能在相同的情况下,女性可能更容易在压力下产生焦虑和沮丧。第一段首先提出了主要话题“Women are particularly susceptible to developing depression andanxiety disorders in response to stress compared to men(比起男人,妇女在压力下更加容易受到由于抑郁和焦虑而引起的精神紊乱),而第二段进而开始分析原因,“Studies of both animals and humans have shown that sex hormonessomehow affects the stress response, causing females under stress to producemore of the trigger chemicals than do males under the same conditions(有关人类和动物的研究都表明性激素在某种程度上会影响对于压力的反应,导致承受压力的雌性动物和女性人类相比雄性动物和男性人类而言,在同等条件下更加容易产生引发以上病症的化学物质),由此可见这种差异主要来自于男女在生理上的差异,因此正确选项为AB项和C项不符合文意,B项所指的女性遭受压力多来自男性偏离文章线索。C项所说的女性相比男性更有处理压力的经验也是断章取义 D选项只是单纯描述男女之间在面对压力的差异,与中心偏离[题目译文]


[A] 妇女在生理上更容易受到压力的影响。

[B] 妇女仍然比男人受到更多压力的折磨

[C] 妇女比男人在应付压力方面更有经验

[D] 男人和女人在面对压力的时候显出了不同的倾向。

22.[答案解析]A错,原文是causing females under stress toproduce more of the trigger chemicals than do males under the same conditionsB反了,原文是Their capacity for tolerating stress may even be greater than mens. C错,原文只是提到她们更有可能面对压力,她们是不是更能避免压力,不得而知啊。D为正确答案,原文有Addingto a woman’s increased dose of stress chemicals, are her increased“opportunities” for stress.

23.According to Paragraph 4, the stress women confront tends to be

[A] domesticand temporary.

[B]irregular and violent.

[C] durableand frequent.

[D] trivialand random.

[答案] C


  文章第四段谈到“Ithink that the kinds of things that women are exposed to tend to be in more ofa chronic or repeated nature(我认为妇女平时要做的事情都是那些惯常的、重复的琐事),相反,“Men go towar and are exposed to combat stress. Men are exposed to more acts of randomphysical violence(男人则去打仗,他们面临的是格斗的压力。因而男人更多的是面对那种随机性的身体接触上的暴力行为)。四个选项可以进行一一排除。A选项的temporary与原文的chronic矛盾,可以排除。B选项是男人面对的压力的特点,因此也可以排除。D选项的random与原文的repeated矛盾,因此也可以排除。而C选项符合原文“chronic or repeated”的意思。



[A] 关于家庭的和暂时的

[B] 不规律的和暴力的

[C] 持久的和频繁的

[D] 琐碎的和随机的

24. Thesentence I lived frompaycheck to paycheck.(Line 6, Para. 5) shows that

[A] Alvarezcared about nothing but making money.

[B] Alvarez’ssalary barely covered her household expenses.

[C] Alvarezgot paychecks from different jobs.

[D] Alvarezpaid practically everything by check.

[答案] B


  本题应该把引文放到原文中去理解。题干中引文所在的这一段主要讲述了Alvarez作为单身母亲的不易,文中前面一句话是““Its the hardestthing to take care of a teenager, have a job, pay the rent, pay the carpayment, and pay the debt.(最困难的事情就是我要同时带一个十几岁的孩子、工作、付房租、付养车的开销、还要还债),说明她的生存压力非常大,只有B选项符合题意。这句话的意思是“我的生活就是付掉一张账单再付下一张”。


  “I livedfrom paycheck to paycheck(第五段第六行)这个句子说明

[A] Alvarez除了钱其它什么都不在乎。

[B] Alvarez的工资几乎不够支付她的家庭支出

[C] Alvarez从多份的工作中赚钱

[D] Alvarez一般都用支票来付账

25. 参考答案【D  【解析】D.选出文章的最佳标题,性别的不公平:压力下的女性,最符合原文的意思。A.紧张的压力:无路可出?文中主要是谈女性与压力,这个参考答案不符。B.面对压力的反应:性别的不同,,很多人会误选成这个参考答案,但是文章整篇是强调女性和压力的分析,而不是重点讨论男女性别在压力上的差别。C.压力分析:化学物质告诉我们的,,这个标题倾向于分析压力产生的原因,和原文意思相差较大。故选D  另解:本文主题就是谈妇女在面对压力方面受到的伤害远远领先于男人,比男人面对更多的压力,长期又持久,还由于生理的原因,面对压力时分泌的可能导致抑郁的化学物质又比较多,通篇谈的就是相对于男人,她们在面对压力方面的不幸或不公。主题题型。另外,我们通过互联网搜索到了原文,原文的标题就是D,所以没有悬念。