Bomb Culture


The Bomb in American Pop Culture


Below is a list with links to a variety of American pop songs and short films (c. 1945-1960s) that convey some of the pervasive concerns, themes, and narratives that characterized the new atomic age. In the Forum Discussion, choose a pop song or a short civil defense film from the list, and analyze how it characterizes nuclear bombs, and the possibility of nuclear war, and what this reflects about the wider culture of mid-20th-century America. Then discuss with your peers what some of the reasons might be for such portrayals, how and why some of the songs/films differ so markedly in their tone and message, etc. 

下面是链接到各种美国流行歌曲和电影短片的一个列表(C. 1945-1960s)传达的一些普遍的问题,主题,和新的原子时代的叙事特征。在论坛的讨论,选择一首流行歌曲或短民防电影名单,分析核弹的特点,以及核战争的可能性,以及这反映了20世纪中期美国的更广泛的文化。然后和你的同伴讨论一下这些描述的原因,以及为什么一些歌曲/电影在语气和信息上有如此显著的不同。

Nuclear Films


Duck and Cover 

The House in the Middle

About Fallout

These are just some of the more famous examples, but you can find other similar films here


Nuclear Songs核的歌曲

The links will point you to the lyrics but you can find all these songs also on Youtube. This selection is meant to give you a sense of the variety of music genres that engaged with the atomic theme, but also how songs reflected the evolution of the debates and concerns over nuclear weapons. For a more complete list of such songs, click here.


Atomic Cocktail: Slim Gaillard Quartette [1946] 

Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb: Lowell Blanchard and the Valley Trio [1950]

Uranium Fever: Elton Britt [1955]

Leave De Atom Alone: Josephine Premice [1958] 

Hydrogen Bomb: Al Rex [Recorded 1959]

Fallout Shelter: Billy Chambers [1962]