Einstein and Positivism



Einstein wrote to Moritz Schlick on 28November 1930:


In general your presentation fails tocorrespond to my conceptual style insofar as I find your whole orientation soto speak too positivistic. ... I tell you straight out: Physics is the attemptat the conceptual construction of a model of the  real world and of its lawful structure. To be sure, it [physics] must present exactlythe empirical relations between those sense experiences to which we are open;but only  in this way  is it chained to them. ...In short, I sufferunder the (unsharp) separation of Reality of Experience and Reality of Being...


You will be astonished about the"metaphysicist" Einstein. But every four- and two-legged animal is defacto in this sense metaphysicist.


Use the quotation and what you have learnedfrom the Philosophy lecture to analyze Einstein’s stance toward positivism in adiscussion with your peers. To start your discussion, you should address:


1.      What is positivism asinterpreted by Ernst Mach?


2.      What did Schlick believe about(logical) positivism in science?


3.      In what sense, can we say thatEinstein was a positivist and a non-positivist?