Hanna Hoch: Cut with the Kitchen Knife throughthe Beer-Belly of the Weimar Republic

Hanna Hoch:用菜刀穿过魏玛共和国的啤酒肚


Have a closer look at Hanna Hoch's famouscollage Cut with the Kitchen Knife (1919). Try to hypothesize why and howEinstein's image is being used. Discuss your ideas in the forum discussionbelow.

看看Hanna Hoch著名的拼贴切菜刀画(1919年)。试着假设为什么爱因斯坦的形象被使用。在论坛讨论下面讨论你的想法。


Optional Collaborative Project


To better understand how Hoch used theimage of Einstein, you can also explore parts of the dense array of referencesand allusions present in the collage. To do that you can use an annotation toolto collectively comment on the image. We've already added a few questions thatyou can answer, or you can focus on different parts and explore their meaningand role. You are encouraged to look at outside materials, and write about anyaspects of this collage that you find particularly interesting.


You could start by thinking about somegeneral questions like: What are the main references to the historical contextin which the collage was produced? Who are the “Anti-Dada” figures in thecollage? Why would they be considered “Anti-Dada”? Who are the Dada artistsrepresented in the collage? How are they related to Hanna Höch? What are thefemale and male figures? What do they represent? etc.


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