Einstein in the News


After Arthur Eddington's expedition in 1919that confirmed the prediction for the deflection of light by the Sun, AlbertEinstein became world-wide famous. In April 1921, Einstein began a two-monthtour of the US. During this period, the New York Times published almost thirtyarticles that mentioned Einstein. Most of them were just columns about thelatest lectures and events that Einstein attended. While these short newssnippets might seem completely irrelevant nowadays, they can actually help usreconstruct how Einstein and his ideas were received at the time.


In the table below we have listed all thearticles (with links) that were published between March 09, 1921 (whenEinstein's coming trip to the US was announced) and July 31, 1921 (the lastarticle in a series of short articles about Einstein's reflections on the USand his trip). We have also included a timeline rendition of the same content.

在下面的表中,我们列出了所有的文章(链接),发表在 1921309日(当爱因斯坦即将到来的美国之行公布)和1921731日(最后一篇文章,在一系列简短的文章,关于爱因斯坦的反思美国和他的旅行)。我们还包括了同一内容的时间线转换。

There are a few ways in which it might beproductive to use them:


1.      Try to skim through theheadlines to get an idea of the type of news that were reported about Einstein.What were some of the topics? How widely do these topics vary?


2. Try to focus on a series of articlesthat catches your interest – and follow the whole exchange throughout. Forexample, the last four articles [33-36] are about Einstein's opinions on the USand his trip. What caught the attention of the reporters? What caught yourattention? There are a few articles about priority disputes [11, 29],hostilities against Einstein [5-10], and even a murder plan! There are a lot ofarticles about Einstein's public lectures – these should be interesting bothbecause the physics explanations target a wider audience, and because of theirhistorical dimension. How is Einstein portrayed? What about his theories isconsidered to be most interesting or relevant? Ideally, you should try to organizeyour articles around a theme.

2。试着把注意力集中在一系列吸引你兴趣的文章上。例如,最近的四篇文章[ 36-36]关于爱因斯坦的意见,在美国和他的旅行。什么引起了记者们的注意?什么引起了你的注意?有一些关于优先权争端的文章[ 11, 29 ],针对爱因斯坦的敌对行动[5-10 ],甚至是谋杀计划!关于爱因斯坦公开演讲的文章很多,这些都很有趣,因为物理解释针对的是更广泛的听众,也因为他们的历史维度。爱因斯坦的形象如何?他的理论被认为是最有趣的还是相关的?理想情况下,您应该尝试围绕主题组织文章。

3. What insights can you draw from thearticles you looked at? Why did Einstein draw so much attention?


4. Read through some of your peers’descriptions of other news articles. Can you spot a pattern, or how do youexplain some of the differences?


5. Einstein travelled to many places –Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kyoto, Tokyo, Palestine, Spain, Argentina,Uruguay, Brazil etc. (there is a whole book dedicated to Einstein's voyages).If you are fluent in a different language, and you have access to a similarnews archive, try to share with the rest of your peers some of the news orheadlines. What was different or similar about Einstein's trips to other countries?


Ref NoArticle
1March 09, 1921 - Copyright, 1921, by The Chicago Tribune Co - Print Headline: "Einstein Sails for America March 23"
2April 02, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN DUE TODAY; LEADERS AWAIT HIM; Mayor's Committee to Meet Noted Scientist on His Arrival at Quarantine.BIG RECEPTION IN HOBOKENCity's Official Welcome to Take Place on Tuesday and Zionist Greeting on April 10."
3April 03, 1921 - - Print Headline: "PROF. EINSTEIN HERE, EXPLAINS RELATIVIIY; "Poet in Science" Says it is a Theory of Space and Time, But it Baffles Reporters. SEEKS AID FOR PALESTINE Thousands Wait Four Hours to Welcome Theorist and His Party to America."
4April 04, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN SEES END OF TIME AND SPACE; Destruction of Material Universe Would Be Followed by Nothing, Says Creator of Relativity. THEORY 'LOGICALLY SIMPLE' Science Burdened Hitherto by Complicated Assumptions, He Asserts--Entertains Many Visitors."
5April 06, 1921 - - Print Headline: "HOLDS UP FREEDOM OF CITY TO EINSTEIN; Alderman Falconer Blocks Move to Grant Official Honors to Two Scientists. NEVER HEARD OF HIS THEORY Alderman Friedman Shakes Fist in Face of Opponent and Calls Action an Insult."
6April 07, 1921 - - Print Headline: "RELATIVITY AT THE CITY HALL."
7April 07, 1921 - Special to The New York Times - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN TO HAVE FREEDOM OF STATE; Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Visiting Scientists--MeasureBefore Assembly Today."
8April 07, 1921 - - Print Headline: "FALCONER IS DENOUNCED.; Owasco Club Condemns Alderman for Blocking Welcome to Einstein."
9April 08, 1921 - - Print Headline: "Urged Murder of Einstein, Pays $16 Fine in Berlin Court"
10April 09, 1921 - - Print Headline: "FREEDOM OF CITY GIVEN TO EINSTEIN; Aldermen Honor Relativity Discoverer and Prof. Weizmann Despite Falconer's Protest. HE DEFENDS-ADVERSE VOTE Cites Courtesies to Dr. Cook, DeValera, Mannix and Mrs. MacSwiney as Mistakes."
11April 10, 1921 - Special to The New York Times - Print Headline: "CHALLENGES PROF. EINSTEIN; St. Paul Professor Asserts Relativity Theory Was Advanced in 1866."
12April 11, 1921 - - Print Headline: "FERVID RECEPTION TO ZIONIST LEADERS; Metropolitan Opera House Jammed in Honor of Weiz mann and Einstein.PERSECUTION SPUR TO HOPERabbi Silver, Judge Julian Mack,Judge Lehman Tell VisitorsAmerican Jews Will Aid."
13April 12, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN AT COLUMBIA.; Relativity Discoverer to Deliver 3 Lectures--Mass Meeting Tonight."
14April 13, 1921 - - Print Headline: "WEIZMANN PLEADS FOR PALESTINE AID; Leader of Zionists Says American Jews Must Make It Possible to Reclaim Land.ASKS ALL TO GIVE A TITHE End of Differences Urged on Supporters of Plan, With Renewed Drive for Funds."
15April 16, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN IN LECTURE EXPLAINS HIS THEORY; Professor Demonstrates With Chalk as Audience in Horace Mann School Applauds. IT'S A THEORY OF METHOD Experience Supplies the Postulates and Reasoning Draws the Conclusions, He Asserts."
16April 17, 1921 - By LEO GILBERT - Print Headline: "THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL; World Dimensions and World Distances and the Einstein Relativity Theory."
17April 19, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN DEFINES THE SPEED OF LIGHT; Says Its Velocity Is Relatively Variable Based Upon Whether System Is in Motion. HE ALSO DISCUSSES TIME The Faster the System Moves the More Slowly Time Passes, He Tells N.Y. College Faculty."
18April 21, 1921 - - Print Headline: "CALLS DENSITY KEY TO SIZE OF UNIVERSE; Prof. Einstein Says if It Does Not Approach Zero Then the Universe Is Finite. BUT CAN'T PROVE THEORY Astrophysical Experiments Unable as Yet to Determine Necessary Data, Scientist Asserts."
19April 22, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN EXPLAINS FALLACY OF ETHER; Space Without Electromagnetic Fields Has No Characteristics, He Tells Students.HUMOROUS AT CITY COLLEGETalks About "the Greatest Pain ofPhysics" in Exposition of His Relativity Theory."
20April 24, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN SEES RADIO TESTS.; Witnesses Speed Demonstration at New Jersey Station."
21April 26, 1921 - - Print Headline: "Einstein Idea Puzzles Harding, He Admits as Scientist Calls"
22May 10, 1921 - Special to The New York Times - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN RECEIVES PRINCETON DEGREE; Relativity Exponent Is Made Doctor of Science in Presence of Distinguished Savants. "SUCCESSOR OF NEWTON" Dean West Hails Guest as "Intellectual Giant"--Hibben Welcomes Him in German."
23May 11, 1921 - Special to The New York Times - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN PREDICTS SHIFT IN SUN LINES; Change Toward Red End of Spectrum Would Prove Atomic Vibrations Vary. RELATIVITY RESTS ON TESTS Similar Clocks on Sun and Earth Would Keep Different Time, He Is Confident."
24May 15, 1921 - By IRVING R. BACON - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN AND KANT"
25May 19, 1921 - - Print Headline: "Einstein Honored at Boston."
26May 21, 1921 - - Print Headline: "TO DINE JEWISH SCIENTISTS.; Einstein and Weizmann Will Be Guests of Physicians."
27May 22, 1921 - - Print Headline: "JEWISH DOCTORS RAISE $250,000 FOR COLLEGE; 800 at Waldrof-Astoria Hear Prof. Einstein Make Pleas for University in Jerusalem."
28May 27, 1921 - - Print Headline: "JEWISH WOMEN GIVE $12,000; Contribute Gold, Silver and Diamonds in Cleveland to Zionists."
29May 28, 1921 - Special to The New York Times - Print Headline: "BOSTON LAYS CLAIM TO EINSTEIN THEORY; Edmund Noble Says He Anticipated Deduction the ScientistMakes From it.PUBLISHED ARTICLE IN 1905 Said "the Universe Does Not Occupy--It Constitutes; Does NotOccur in Time--It Makes Time.""
31May 29, 1921 - - Print Headline: "Professor Einstein to Sail on Celtic."
32May 30, 1921 - - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN SAILS TODAY.; Dr. Weizmann Will Remain in interests of Zionism."
33July 02, 1921 - Copyright, 1921, by The New York Times Company. Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES - Print Headline: "DR. EINSTEIN FOUND AMERICA ANTI-GERMAN; Violently So, He Says, Though He Noted That a Reaction Was Setting In."
34July 08, 1921 - By CYRIL BROWN. Copyright, 1921, by The New York Times Company. Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN DECLARES WOMEN RULE HERE; Scientist Says He Found American Men the Toy Dogs ofthe Other Sex.PEOPLE COLOSSALLY BORED showed Excessive Enthusiasm OverHim for Lack of Other Things, He Thinks."
35July 10, 1921 - KENNETH W. PAYNE - Print Headline: "EINSTEIN ON AMERICANS.; Wherein the Eminent Scientist Failed to Understand Us."
36July 31, 1921 - - Print Headline: "PROHIBITION STAYS, SAYS DR. EINSTEIN; Cites It as Example of Success of Serious Effort in American Life.GERMAN 'EXS' STILL IMMUNEOld Postal Rule Against OpeningFormer Rulers' Mail Attackedby Vorwaerts."