Getting from A to B

1. Learning Objective

  • talk about different types of transportation

  • ask yourself information questions before listening

  • make and respond to apologies

  • deal with problems when traveling


2. Culture Notes

  • Waterloo Station:arailway station close to the South Bank of the River Thames. It is one ofBritain's busiest railway stations and one of the busiest passenger terminalsin Europe.

  • World Fair:alsoknown as World Expo (expo is short for exposition). It is a large internationalexhibition of a wide variety of industrial, scientific, and cultural items.Since the first World Fair in London in 1851, more than 100 World Fairs have beenheld in more than 20 countries throughout the world. The 2010 World Expo washeld in Shanghai, China.

  • Zen: a school of Buddhism. The wordZen came from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word Chan. Itemphasizes the importance of meditation more than the reading of religious writings.Therefore, Zen may refer to a form of meditation with focus on the mindfulawareness of the present moment. Being Zen has come to mean viewing lifecalmly. It can help one relax, have a positive outlook on life, and find ahigher level of spiritual worth.


3. Listening Skills